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CBH Now Serving Military Families with TRICARE and Humana Military Insurance


Compassion Behavioral Health: Broadening Horizons with TRICARE and Humana Military Partnerships

At Compassion Behavioral Health, our dedication to providing unparalleled mental health and addiction treatment services is unwavering.

As we strive to expand our reach and ensure that more individuals receive the care they so desperately need, we’re thrilled to announce our new collaborations with TRICARE and Humana Military Insurance.

A Glimpse into Our New Milestones

Earlier this year, we marked a significant achievement by securing a contract with VA health care. Building on that momentum, our recent affiliations with TRICARE and Humana Military further our mission. These contracts symbolize our unwavering commitment to veterans, active-duty military members, and their families.

Caring for our Heroes with TRICARE

Recognized as an authorized TRICARE insurance provider, Compassion Behavioral Health can now offer its expansive range of mental health and addiction treatment services to TRICARE beneficiaries. This means that our brave military community and their families can trust in our services and get the care they deserve.

Distressingly, almost one in five veterans returning from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan have reported symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or major depression, according to SAMHSA. With the TRICARE contract in place, we’re poised to address these vital mental health concerns.

Partnering with Humana Military

Our collaboration with Humana Military amplifies our pledge to extend comprehensive care to our military personnel and their loved ones. With a noted increase in substance use disorders among veterans, especially the 20% suffering from PTSD, our collaboration with Humana Military ensures that this vulnerable population is not left behind.

More Than Just Contracts: Our Core Values at Play

Our mission transcends beyond these contracts. At Compassion Behavioral Health, we pride ourselves on our core values: empathy, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. By expanding our insurance partnerships, we can make evidence-based treatments like therapy, counseling, and addiction recovery programs more accessible.

Veterans and active-duty military members carry unique burdens and face distinct challenges. With our partnerships with top-tier insurance providers, we aim to ensure they receive the comprehensive, compassionate care they’ve earned and deserve.

Getting to Know Compassion Behavioral Health

For those unfamiliar, Compassion Behavioral Health stands as a beacon in the mental health and addiction treatment landscape. Located in the heart of South Florida, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to aiding individuals in their journey to recovery and emotional health. With a special focus on veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families, we ensure that the highest quality of care is within everyone’s reach.

For a closer look at the range of services we offer or to reach out for support, please visit our website or get in touch at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (844) 606-2212.