Compassion Behavioral Health Drug Rehab in Hollywood South FL

At Compassion Behavioral Health, we are a men’s and women’s program specializing in both substance abuse (addiction) and mental health treatment.

Located in sunny South Florida; Compassion Behavioral Health treatment center offers various levels of care with treatment plans that are individually designed to focus on producing long-term, sustainable, health and recovery. Our Psychiatric and Counseling experts are dedicated to developing strategies to help each and every client reach their highest physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potential.

Millions of Americans suffer from a dual diagnosis, but only a small percentage receive the proper treatment. Our ability in understanding the correlation between mental health and addiction disorders is what sets the team of professionals apart at Compassion Behavioral Health drug rehab Hollywood Florida.

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Drug Rehab Hollywood Florida

Substance Abuse Treatment

There are several phases of substance abuse treatment. We assist our clients individually in finding the correct recovery program.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab South Florida

Mental Health Treatment

We treat individuals with dual diagnosis including severe mental health disorders such as Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, PTSD, Trauma and Anger Management.

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Treatment Centers In Hollywood FL

Neuro-Therapy Program

Using technology backed by science, we are at the forefront in detecting the root causes of your addictive behaviors and health imbalances.

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