Making the decision to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol problem takes courage. It’s not an easy decision to make, and some individuals need an intervention to bring things to perspective. If you or a loved one has made the decision to get help for a substance abuse problem, rest assured that you are moving in the right direction. The path to sobriety has to start sometime, and that time is now.

Compassion Behavioral Health offers three levels of care: Day/Night with Community Housing, Intensive Outpatient and General Outpatient. We accept most insurance plans, and we’re happy to verify insurance over the phone. Even with a straightforward admissions process, we understand that many clients and their families still have questions. It’s difficult to know which level of treatment is needed, how successful that treatment will be and how to qualify for a treatment center like Compassion Behavioral Health.

To make things easier on our clients and their families, we’ve put together this helpful admissions page. If you have additional questions on our admissions process, please call us at 844-660-0084.

How Does the Admissions Process Work?

When you are ready to change your life, we are here for you. That is why Compassion Behavioral Health is available day or night to answer questions, verify insurance and discuss treatment options. Here is what you can expect from the admissions process.

  • Connect with an admissions coordinator. Call us day or night and one of our admissions coordinators will be there to answer the phones. We staff our phones with caring, compassionate individuals who understand the addiction treatment process.
  • Pre-admissions assessment. Over the phone, our support staff will complete a pre-assessment. A more thorough assessment will be done once you or a loved one enters rehab. Some things we will discuss are the type drug being abused, how often the drug is abused and what treatment has been received, if any. The possibility of a mental health condition is also discussed.
  • Collect insurance information. The next step is to collect your insurance information. Our admissions coordinators will contact your insurance company to discuss what benefits are covered and what you can expect to pay out of pocket. In many cases, insurance will cover some or all of treatment once your deductible is met. You may still be responsible for copays.
  • Approval and arrival. As a private treatment center, we attempt to place people in need as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. If it turns out that we are a good fit and your insurance will help pay for treatment, we can begin the process. You or your loved one will take part in one of our three programs - Day/Night, Intensive Outpatient or General Outpatient. Let us know if you need travel accommodations - we can help!

What to Expect from Us During the Admissions Process

Compassion Behavioral Health is here to help addicts and their families get the help that is needed. We believe that when someone wants to be freed from their addiction, treatment should be accessible. This is why we remove the barriers and offer three convenient, affordable levels of care, accept most insurance plans and keep the admissions process simple and streamlined.

Here are some of the things you can expect from our addiction treatment center.

  • Confidential. All phone calls to our facility are confidential. Our staff follows the state and federal guidelines regarding privacy. Once you or a loved one enters treatment, we continue to hold the same high standards for privacy. As you continue your recovery journey with us, you can expect all information to remain private.
  • Transparent. Compassion Behavioral Health attempts to be as transparent as possible throughout the admissions process and beyond. We know that families have many questions, and we will attempt to answer them all. Treatment is a major investment in the physical, mental and emotional health of you or a loved one, and you deserve to know what will take place over the next few weeks and months.
  • Customized solutions. We offer three levels of care, and each one can be customized to your needs. Our treatment center also offers a wide range of therapies and group counseling sessions where clients can work on the skills they lack. Giving our clients some control over their recoveries helps them stay engaged.

Why Choose Compassion Behavioral Health

Compassion Behavioral Health offers treatment for both mental and substance use disorders. We treat each client as an individual and address all components of health - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. As you consider your options for treatment, here are some things to know about our integrative treatment facility.

  • Experienced staff. In order to deliver integrative treatment, we rely on a multidisciplinary team of professionals. On staff, we have a psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, outreach coordinator and residential service director.
  • Personalized treatment. Each client is assessed and given a protocol for treatment based on their needs. Treatment includes an appropriate balance of group, individual and family therapy. Our treatment also focuses on self-care, interpersonal skills and life skills.
  • Clean, modern facilities. Our treatment facilities are clean, spacious and modern. We have lots of greenery outdoors along with a swimming pool and outdoor seating. Indoors, we have wooden floors, area rugs, artwork and modern decor that make our facilities feel like home rather than rehab.
  • Dual diagnosis care. There is a strong link between addiction and mental health disorders. Roughly half of people with an addiction also have mental illness. To ensure that both the mental health disorder and the substance use disorder are given the appropriate attention, we have two tracks of care: Substance Abuse track and Mental Health track.
  • Proven results. Check out our testimonials on Google and Yelp. We have many five-star ratings from clients who were able to turn their lives around with our help. Past clients have also appreciated our warm, welcoming environment, compassionate staff and quaint facilities.

Are you ready to start the admissions process and see how much treatment is covered at our facility? Call Compassion Behavioral Health today at 844-660-0084. All calls are confidential.