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We understand that sending a loved one to treatment can be stressful and oftentimes leaves a feeling of uncertainty, so this program will help answer some common questions, give insight into the treatment process and provide resources.

Our goal is to not only have success with each client that admits to CBH but working with the families to provide the best possible outcome while in treatment. Families of the loved ones in treatment play a vital role in the overall outcome of this process

We actively encourage family members to seek support and resources during their loved one’s treatment, recognizing the dual journey of recovery and healing for both the individual and their family


Virtual Family Support Group

Compassion Connection -Program Overview

  1. Comprehensive Educational Workshops
  2. Resolve Family Issues and Unhealthy Patterns
  3. Nurture, Learn, and Connect in a Safe Environment
family support for mental health treatment

Family Support


A space where families share their stories, journeys, and insights, where you can expand your support network, and share your experience to help other families facing similar challenges

Meet Your Support System

Expert Licensed Clinicians Committed to Your Recovery
  • Greg LoForte

    Gregory LoForte, LMHC

    Family Therapist
  • Allison Salas

    Allison Salas

    Alumni Coordinator
Stories Change Here

“My Life now feels like being in color. I am a lot happier and I can feel alive again.”

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Stories Change Here

“As long as I stay patient and waiting on the lord nothing but good will come from it”

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Stories Change Here

“I took everything I learned at CBH and applying it today and that is why I can smile today”

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Ashley J.
Corey J.
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