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Meet Your Support System

Expert Licensed Clinicians Committed to Your Recovery
  • Dr. Joel Wertheimer, MD

    Wertheimer, MD

  • Ana
    Carbonell, LMHC

    Clinical Director
  • Lisa Micheletti

    Micheletti, LMHC

    Clinical Director
  • Alejandro Jimenez

    Jimenez, RN

    Director of Nursing
  • Matthew Rosborogh


    Executive Director
  • Monya Holt

    Holt, LMHC

    Primary Therapist
  • Barbara Barroso

    Barroso, RCSWI

    Primary Therapist
  • Sarah Pastor

    Pastor, LMHC

    Primary Therapist
  • Stephine Yaskal

    Yaskal, MS, CAP

    Primary Therapist
  • Maria Dona

    Dona, MS

    Primary Therapist
  • Aimee Rolle

    Rolle, MS

    Primary Therapist
  • Paula Buitrago

    Buitiago, RMHCI

    Primary Therapist
  • Tharlene Pou


    Neurofeedback Technician
  • Heather Brathwaite

    Brathwaite, PhD, PMHNP-BC

    Nurse Practitioner
  • Nancy Adrien

    Adrien, PMHN-BC

    Nurse Practitioner
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Stories Change Here

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Stories Change Here

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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Many forms of traditional therapy focus on past events that may contribute to problems you face in the present. While these methods can bring help, healing, and hope to many, they are not always suited for those who are more concerned with their present or future. 

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), however, focuses on using strengths to find solutions and hope for the future. It is based on the idea that people know how to improve their own lives and can find the best solutions through the right guidance. With solution-focused brief therapy, you’ll focus on what you can accomplish rather than your limitations.

What is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy?

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is a therapeutic approach that emphasizes finding solutions in the present time and exploring one’s hope for the future to find quicker resolution of one’s problems. This approach assumes that all clients have some knowledge of what would make their life better, even though they may need some (at times, considerable) help to clarify this.

Unlike traditional forms of therapy that concentrate on the problem or cause of distress, SFBT places focus on the present and future circumstances and goals of the client. This approach is future-focused, goal-directed, and focuses on solutions, rather than on the problems.

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How Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Works

Solution-focused brief therapy is goal-oriented and future-focused. It revolves around the idea that the only constant in life is change and small changes can lead to big outcomes that improve your overall quality of life.

During a session, you’ll work with a therapist to create a vision for your future, set goals, identify your strengths and skills, and take the steps you need to achieve what you want. As sessions continue, you can update your progress with your therapist as well as modify or pivot your goals over time to better suit your desires for a more fulfilling life. 

You’ll find that the therapist will discuss your present and future circumstances instead of your past experiences. They’ll ask you present and future-focused questions to help you figure out what you need to do to improve your life. They’ll use positivity and encouragement so that you’re better equipped to solve problems and meet your goals in the future.

Principles of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

The principles of SFBT are what set it apart from other therapeutic approaches. These principles guide the therapeutic process, ensuring that it remains solution-focused and goal-oriented.

Focus on Solutions

The primary principle of SFBT is its focus on solutions. Instead of delving into problems or past difficulties, the therapist encourages the client to envision their desired future and then collaboratively develops a series of steps to achieve that vision.

This focus on solutions allows the client to move away from their problems and towards a more positive and fulfilling future. It empowers the client, giving them the tools and confidence to create their own solutions.

Future Orientation

SFBT is inherently future-oriented. The therapy process involves setting goals, envisioning the future, and working towards it. This future orientation provides a sense of direction and purpose, which can be incredibly motivating for clients.

By focusing on the future, clients are encouraged to think about what they want to achieve, rather than dwelling on past difficulties or current problems. This shift in focus can lead to a more positive outlook and increased motivation to change.

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Benefits of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

SFBT offers several benefits that make it an attractive option for many clients. These benefits stem from the therapy’s focus on solutions, future orientation, and collaborative nature.


SFBT is often more time-efficient than traditional therapy approaches. By focusing on solutions rather than problems, clients can often achieve their goals in fewer sessions.


SFBT empowers clients by focusing on their strengths and resources. This approach encourages clients to take control of their lives and create their own solutions.

Positive Focus 

By focusing on the future and solutions, SFBT promotes a positive outlook. This can lead to increased motivation and a greater sense of hope.

What Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Helps With

Solution-focused therapy is ideal if you’re trying to reach a specific goal or overcome a specific challenge. It’s a versatile treatment that can support a variety of emotional and mental health problems such as:

It should be noted that these are only some of the conditions that solution-focused therapy can help with. If you are struggling with an issue not listed above, but you think that this type of treatment could benefit you, contact us to see if it is the right option.

Applications of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

SFBT can be applied in a variety of settings and with a wide range of clients. Whether it’s used in individual therapy, family therapy, or group therapy, SFBT can be an effective tool for facilitating positive change.

Additionally, SFBT can be used with clients of all ages. Its focus on solutions and future orientation makes it a versatile therapy approach that can be adapted to meet the needs of diverse clients.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy at CBH in South Florida

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CBH Residential Facility in Hollywood, Florida

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is a unique therapeutic approach that emphasizes solutions, future orientation, and client empowerment. By focusing on the present and future, SFBT helps clients to move away from their problems and towards a more positive and fulfilling future.

If you’re inspired by the potential of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy to create positive change in your life, Compassion Behavioral Health is here to guide you on your journey. Our dedicated team in South Florida is committed to providing personalized mental health and substance use treatment that paves the way for sustainable recovery.

Embrace a future-oriented approach to overcoming challenges and take the first step towards empowerment and wellness. Call Us today and let us be the ray of hope you’ve been searching for.