Blue Cross Blue Shield for Substance Use and Mental Health Disorder treatment

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the most stable insurance providers in the nation. For over 80 years, the company has provided reliable healthcare coverage across the nation. Today, BCBS covers more than 106 million Americans or one in three people. Coverage is offered in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Some of the most important focus areas for the insurance company deal with the prevention and management of chronic disease, addressing the social determinants of health, and improving the quality and affordability of healthcare for all.

If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield, you should have several options available for addiction treatment. Because BCBS is such a popular insurance carrier, many rehabilitation facilities accept this coverage. The key is to know what your specific policy covers and how to get the most for your insurance money. Treatment centers charge differently, and paying more doesn’t necessarily result in better services.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Covers Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Compassion Behavioral Health proudly accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Our rehab facility provides treatment to individuals with substance use and mental health disorder. This is also known as a co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis, and it’s extremely common in the addiction treatment community. To verify insurance coverage, contact one of our admissions coordinators at 844-503-0126. Your call is 100% confidential.

Compassion Behavioral Health is unique because we offer two distinct tracks of care. Both avenues give attention to the addiction and the mental health disorder, but one focuses more on the addiction (Substance Abuse Track) and the other focuses more on the mental illness (Mental Health Track). We feel this type of treatment is extremely personalized and effective, giving our clients the greatest chance for a complete recovery.

According to a 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly 8 million people in the U.S. experience both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. About half of people who have a mental health disorder will experience a substance use disorder at some point in time. If only one of the disorders is addressed, it leaves the other untreated, which will complicate a full recovery. This is why comprehensive addiction treatment is needed.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Individual & Family Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield individual and family plans fall into one of these categories:

  • Bronze level. These are the lowest cost insurance plans, so they will cover the least as well. The monthly payments are affordable, but the deductible is high. BCBS Bronze plans cover 60 percent of medical costs once the deductible is reached.
  • Silver level. The Silver level is a step up from the Bronze plans. Monthly premiums are slightly higher and the deductible is slightly lower. Seventy percent of medical costs are covered under this plan after meeting the deductible.
  • Gold level. The Gold level has a high monthly premium and a low deductible. It covers 80 percent of medical costs once you meet your deductible.
  • Platinum level. Platinum plans cover 90 percent of medical costs once you reach your deductible, so you’ll have the least out-of-pocket costs. However, monthly premiums are high.

HMOs vs PPOs: Why it’s Important to Know the Difference

Another factor to look at is the type of insurance you have. With a Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO plan, you will only be covered at facilities that are contracted with your insurance. Even though your choices will be more limited, you usually pay less because Blue Cross Blue Shield has a relationship with them.

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan gives you greater choices, as you can choose from both in-network and out-of-network treatment centers. If you choose an out-of-network facility, your costs may be higher. The quickest way to find out which treatment centers are in-network and out-of-network is by calling your insurance company directly.

Understanding the Benefits of Blue Cross Blue Shield

In response to the growing number of drug and alcohol addictions across the United States, BCBS has responded by increasing its number of resources for drug addicts and their families. The company has a prescription pain medication safety program that is designed to reduce the risk of prescription drug addictions. The company has also introduced its OneHealth mobile platform that offers 24/7 support, education, and tools for those recovering from substance abuse.

Additional benefits to carrying Blue Cross Blue Shield are:

  • One of the largest insurers in America
  • Works closely with doctors, healthcare providers, and hospitals
  • Over 90 percent of doctors and hospitals work with BCBS
  • Most plans include coverage for some or all drug rehab

Types of Treatment Services Covered

The main parts of substance abuse treatment include medical detox, treatment, and pharmacotherapy. All of these components are needed for a successful recovery. Depending on your plan, some or all of these services will be covered. Each policy has different limits, deductibles, and copays, so it’s difficult to generalize and say exactly what will be covered. The important thing to know is that your insurance will make quality treatment more affordable.

Here are some of the services that Blue Cross Blue Shield may cover:

Why Treatment is More Affordable

The cost of treatment is one of the main barriers to getting help. However, continuing to use drugs and alcohol is always more costly than seeking professional treatment. It costs money to use drugs and alcohol, and when that money runs out, addicts may lie or steal to get the money they need to support their habit.

Over time, addiction can lead to criminal charges, legal fees, custody issues, decreased work performance, damaged relationships and so much more. An investment in treatment is an investment in your future. With a full recovery, you can repair your physical health, improve your relationships and preserve your job. If you have added costs to pay out of pocket, you can take out a loan, use a credit card or apply for a grant through SAMHSA. There is always a way, and we’ll help you find it.

Call Compassion Behavioral Health to verify your insurance and learn what is covered. We help make treatment as affordable as possible. Our admissions coordinators can be reached at 844-503-0126. Compassion Behavioral Health is not contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield, therefore bills Blue Cross Blue Shield for services at an out-of-network rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance

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Compassion Behavioral Health accepts a variety of insurance plans to make our treatments accessible. We work with major health insurance providers, including but not limited to Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield. Please contact our office directly to confirm if your specific insurance plan is accepted.

At Compassion Behavioral Health, we understand that financial constraints should not prevent anyone from receiving necessary care. We offer flexible payment plans to accommodate different budgets. Additionally, we can guide you through applying for financial assistance if needed. Please reach out to our billing department for more detailed information.

At Compassion Behavioral Health, you can use your insurance benefits for both outpatient and inpatient treatment programs. We work with your insurance provider to ensure that you receive the maximum coverage available for the type of treatment you need. It’s important to verify the specifics of your insurance plan, as coverage can vary. Our staff is here to assist you with any questions you might have about your insurance benefits and how they apply to our different treatment options.

We streamline the billing process for our patients by billing your insurance provider directly. In most cases, you will not need to pay upfront for services covered by your insurance. However, any co-pays or deductibles will be due at the time of service. We recommend contacting our billing team for specifics related to your insurance plan and treatment costs.

Yes, Compassion Behavioral Health provides support for navigating insurance claims and disputes. Our experienced billing staff can assist you in understanding your insurance benefits, handling claims, and resolving any disputes with your insurance provider. We are here to help ensure that you can focus on your recovery without added stress.

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