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Intimate Care

Our Residential Facility

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compassion behavioral health residential facility for mental health and addiction treatment
Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Residential Facility in Hollywood Florida - Compassion Behavioral Health





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Our Residential Facility
in Hollywood, Florida

As one of the leading mental health and addiction rehab facilities in Hollywood, FL, at CBH, we offer a variety of comfortable accommodations to cater to the diverse needs of our patients.

Whether you prefer privacy or enjoy social interactions, we have the perfect space for you.

Our modern residential facility provides both semi-private and private room options. Each unit is equipped with its own bathroom, living room, and TV, ensuring a cozy and home-like atmosphere during your stay.

For those seeking an elevated experience, we offer a nutritionist-recommended private chef catering, ensuring that our patients are provided with delicious and nutritious meals every day, along with snacks and beverages.

daily schedule at compassion behavioral health residential facility for addiction and mental health treatment

Residential Facility Care Team

24/7 Medical Supervision and Assistance by Expert Care Team

  • Lisa Micheletti

    Micheletti, LMHC

    Clinical Director
  • Dr. Joel Wertheimer, MD

    Wertheimer, MD

  • Alejandro Jimenez

    Jimenez, RN

    Director of Nursing
  • Matthew Rosborogh


    Executive Director
Comprehensive Treatment

Our PHP & IOP Facility

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Our PHP & IOP Facility
in Hollywood, Florida

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the next level of care following residential treatment and preceding intensive outpatient treatment (IOP). If you are partaking in our Residential program, we will recommend PHP next.


PHP is flexible and accommodating, providing treatment most days of the week, up to 6 hours a day. Once you have completed your sessions for the day, you can return home or to your sober living environment. Once you’ve completed the PHP level of care, we will recommend the intensive outpatient program.


Intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a type of substance abuse or mental health treatment where people visit our treatment center several hours a day, 3-5 days a week. It’s more intensive than standard outpatient programs because you’ll spend more hours attending therapy or clinical services. But unlike inpatient treatment, you do not have to live at our facility.

PHP & IOP Facility Care Team

Expert Licensed Clinicians Committed to Your Recovery
  • Ana
    Carbonell, LMHC

    Clinical Director
  • Alejandro Jimenez

    Jimenez, RN

    Director of Nursing
  • Matthew Rosborogh


    Executive Director
  • Heather Brathwaite

    Brathwaite, PhD, PMHNP-BC

    Nurse Practitioner
Admission Process

The Path to Recovery Starts Here

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Step 1

Get in Touch

Start your recovery journey: Call or contact us online

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Step 2

Pre-Admission Assessment

Confidential assessment to tailor your treatment plan

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Step 3

Verification of Insurance

We verify your coverage and clarify costs with your insurer

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Step 4


Set your admission date and prepare for your stay


Our Neighborhood
Hollywood, Florida



Situated in Hollywood, FL, our facility enjoys a picturesque location surrounded by peaceful residential communities and a selection of local businesses. Additionally, both locations are only a few minutes away from beautiful beaches, allowing you to connect with nature and find tranquility during your recovery journey.


Frequetly Asked Questions

Through a comprehensive evaluation process, we take the time to understand your unique needs, challenges, and goals. This personalized assessment ensures that we recommend the most appropriate level of care that aligns with your specific situation.

The daily schedule at our residential facility is thoughtfully designed to promote healing, personal growth, and recovery.

  • Morning: Start the day with a nutritious breakfast followed by group sessions or educational workshops.  This is also a time for specialized therapy sessions depending on individual treatment plans.
  • Afternoon: After lunch, there are group therapy sessions focused on various topics such as coping skills, stress management, and interpersonal relationships. Clients also engage in recreational or expressive therapies like art, music, or physical activity, which are essential for holistic healing. This period may also include life skills training or relapse prevention education.
  • Evening: Dinner is followed by group meetings and specialty therapies. The day concludes with some free time for personal reflection, journaling, or informal social interaction among peers.
  • Throughout the Day: Scheduled breaks and leisure time are interspersed to ensure clients can rest and reflect on their recovery journey.

Our residential location offers modern, vibrant and inviting communal areas where patients can engage in various recreational activities. Enjoy yoga, meditation, ping pong, outdoor movie nights with a projector screen, fitness classes, art classes, and board games.


We also have an Outdoor Pergola and Lounge area where you can relax and unwind amidst the serene surroundings.

We recognize the importance of staying connected with loved ones and the outside world while embarking on your journey to recovery. To support this, we have a thoughtful phone policy in place, designed to balance the need for connection with the focus required for your treatment.

Our clients are welcome to make up to three phone calls each week using phones provided by our facility. This policy ensures that you maintain the essential lines of communication with your family and friends, while also dedicating yourself fully to the healing process

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, Florida, Compassion Behavioral Health offers a sanctuary for healing and transformation. Our location combines the serenity of a calm environment with the convenience of accessibility, ensuring that beginning your journey toward wellness is both easy and comforting.

Our facility welcomes adults aged 18 and over, providing specialized care and support tailored to the unique needs of the adult population.

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