Individual Therapy or psychotherapy is a one-on-one collaborative experience with the therapist and client to produce change and improve quality of life. In a caring, safe and confidential environment, the clinical team at Compassion Behavioral Health implements a variety of therapy to help individuals confront and challenge barriers that interfere with physical health and mental well being. Our treatment philosophy aims to provide compassionate individual therapy and personalized care to each client at CBH rehab center.

What are the advantages of individual therapy?

          • Confidentiality of client issues
          • One-on-one attention from the therapist
          • Comprehensive analysis and intensity of treatment
          • The pace of recovery is tailored to each client
          • Strong therapeutic alliance with therapist and client
          • Development of self-awareness
          • Improve communication skills

Learn more about our programs to treat addiction and mental health dual diagnosis at the Compassion Behavioral Health rehab center in South Florida.

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