South Florida Trauma Counseling Services

Trauma therapy and counseling can help an individual healthily process traumatic experiences that have resulted in present-day struggles in their daily lives. From lending a compassionate ear to more advanced interventions, customizing a treatment solution for your specific needs can play a major role in progressing forward. 

Individual and Group Trauma Therapy 

Many people suffer in silence, believing that severe depression, suicidal urges, and auditory hallucinations mean that they are “crazy.” But the truth is that these symptoms, as well as panic attacks, hypervigilance, social phobia, self-mutilation, recurring nightmares, flashbacks, and substance abuse, are often the lingering results of trauma. 

Our trained therapists analyze and approach each client with a different therapeutic modality (CBT, EMDR, psychodynamic). We use these insights to identify new ways to help them cope with their emotional responses to their experiences. Our program allows for individualized one-on-one trauma treatment as well as trauma-based group sessions.

Our Trauma-Informed Therapists 

At Compassion Behavioral Health, our licensed and certified trauma-informed counselors are here to speak with you about what you are experiencing. They will work with you to understand what you are going through and offer tangible treatment options. 

CBT Trauma Counseling 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a widely used counseling approach due to its high rate of effectiveness across a variety of mental health conditions. The end goal of CBT is to replace negative thinking patterns with positive ones by inspiring confidence, resilience, and managing triggering sensations. The core philosophy of CBT is based primarily on these three pillars: 

The CBT approach examines the personal narratives that a person has developed for themselves about their own lives. In many cases, a traumatic event can be a major contributor to an unhealthy self-narrative. 

However, are these narratives really true? Do they inhibit the person from realizing their true potential? As you work with a counselor, you learn to rewrite these narratives into ones that are constructive, empowering, and motivating. 

Unhealthy self-narratives and trauma-responsive behaviors are often coping mechanisms for the distress from feeling unable to process a devastating life experience. Through CBT, the client learns to develop healthy coping skills that can mitigate the trauma symptoms and prevent them from interrupting your quality of life.

EMDR Therapy 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a structured therapeutic approach designed to help people healthily process traumatic memories. When these memories are not processed correctly, it can often feel like you are still living in these moments in life that you wish to put behind you.

During treatment, the therapist aids the client in identifying target memories, painful triggers, and works to establish new goals. After history intake and assessment, the client performs guided eye movements while reprocessing negative memories. 

Pursuing EMDR is a mutual decision between the therapist and the client. EMDR applies a structured approach that is completed in 8 phases and between 6-12 sessions. After the treatment has finished, the therapist and the client determine if follow-up sessions are necessary. 

Psychodynamic Therapy 

Psychodynamic therapy targets the root causes of a person’s psychological suffering. During psychodynamic sessions, a person practices reflecting and examining their unhealthy behavior patterns with the guidance of a licensed therapist. 

Realizing these patterns is the first step. From there, a therapist can work with the client to develop healthy coping strategies, avoid common triggers in their lives, and replace unhealthy behaviors with more productive ones. Sessions can be conducted with individuals as well as families or groups. 

Are You Seeking Trauma Counseling? 

Whether you are looking for trauma therapy for yourself or a loved one, the Compassion Behavioral Health Team is here to lend a caring hand in overcoming painful memories and experiences. Recovery and developing a newfound resiliency are both possible. 

To learn more about the trauma therapy and counseling services that we provide in South Florida, please view our admissions information or contact us at any time.