CBH rehab offers a collaborative therapeutic experience with the guidance of well-trained therapists or group facilitators that helps individuals focus on interpersonal relationships and address concerns shared by group members. Compassion Behavioral Health engages in Group Therapy five (5) hours a day to reach therapeutic goals. Group Therapy addresses a range of concerns including substance abuse, relapse prevention, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and key issues surrounding addiction and mental health.

What are the advantages of group therapy?

          • Individuals share similar problems and struggles
          • Get support from others, and give support to others
          • Bond with individuals in a group to grow and learn
          • Incorporate various points of view from individuals
          • Share personal experiences without judgment
          • Develop greater self-awareness by listening to others
          • Learn from successful behaviors of other individuals

Learn more about our programs to treat addiction and mental health dual diagnosis at the Compassion Behavioral Health rehab center in South Florida.

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