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Addiction Treatment Programs in South Florida

Addiction affects about 20 million Americans. At Compassion Behavioral Health, we are dedicated to helping people from all walks of life overcome addiction and work toward healthier, happier lives. 

We treat all different types of drug addiction, mental health conditions, and co-occurring disorders. If you or a loved one is ready for a sober future, we’re here to serve you. Once we learn more about a patient’s unique condition and needs, we’ll design a custom-tailored treatment plan that will put them on the path toward recovery.

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Top-Rated Addiction Treatment Center in South Florida

Risk Factors of Addiction

Addiction can affect anyone, no matter their age, gender, or socioeconomic status. Here are some of the most common risk factors for addiction. 

  • Behavior or impulse control problems
  • Environmental factors 
  • Exposure to alcohol or drugs at an early age
  • Exposure to trauma
  • Family history of addiction
  • Mental health disorders

Symptoms of Addiction

Recognizing the signs of addiction is the first step to seeking treatment. The signs can be behavioral, physical, and psychological. 

  • Behavioral signs: Obsessive thoughts and actions, loss of control, denial of addiction, and disregard of harm caused.
  • Physical signs: Sudden weight loss or gain, small or enlarged pupils, bloodshot eyes, unusual body odors, insomnia, looking unkempt, and slurred speech.
  • Psychological signs: Feelings of anxiousness, inattentiveness, irritability or angry outbursts, changes in attitude or personality, sudden mood swings, emotional and mental withdrawal from people, and unexplained paranoia.

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Types of Addictions We Treat

Regardless of the type of addiction, a patient may have, we have the specialized personnel, knowledge, and resources to treat it. From inpatient treatment and medically monitored detox to mental health treatment and faith-based drug rehab treatment, we offer it all. Over the years, we’ve supported patients with a variety of addictions including:

Our Therapies

There are many ways to successfully treat mental health disorders. At Compassion Behavioral Health, we’ll determine the best therapies for each patient’s specific mental health needs. We offer a number of safe, proven therapies such as:


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