Nutritional Therapy Services for Supporting Substance Abuse Treatment

Living a healthy lifestyle is a key therapeutic component. Through nutritional therapy services alongside a personalized substance abuse treatment plan, a proper diet and exercise plan can play a key role in successful and sustained recovery. 

Why Nutrition is a Key Part of Recovery 

When a person struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, this can influence their sense of judgment. This can also include dietary and lifestyle choices that affect a person’s physical health. 

How Addiction Impacts Nutrition 

The first way that addiction can affect someone’s diet is by causing a loss of appetite. Without regularly eating healthy foods, the body can develop nutrient deficiencies.

A person experiencing addiction. might prioritize their finances toward acquiring more drugs or alcohol. To spend less money on other items, they may opt for cheaper and less healthy options like fast food on a regular basis. 

Addictive behavior patterns can also lead to internal damage to organs, gastrointestinal systems, and blood sugar levels. Some of these resulting conditions can be treated effectively by modifying one’s diet during substance abuse recovery. 

Positive Impacts of Nutrition on Recovery 

Nutritional therapy can aid a person in developing a diet plan that supports the body in recovery as well as the mind. When eating a balanced and nutritious diet, the brain develops more robust neuroplasticity. 

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to modify its current ways of thinking and develop new ones. In periods of addiction, this is diminished severely but it can be treated and strengthened with healthy eating and exercise. 

Our Approach to Nutritional Therapy for Substance Abuse Recovery 

At Compassion Behavioral Health, our team of medical and mental health experts works side-by-side with our in-house dieticians to develop a customized nutrition plan just for you. We develop a plan that fits your lifestyle with tasty meals that you’ll look forward to eating. 

As you introduce healthier foods into your diet during recovery, we will work with you to also treat the substance abuse issues alongside other co-occurring diagnoses that may be discovered during an assessment. We firmly believe that nutrition can play a key role in helping a person thrive in recovery and we want to make it a tangible possibility for you. 

Learn More About Nutrition and Addiction Recovery 

Whether you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, nutrition can play a valuable role in helping you adjust to life in recovery. To learn more about how we incorporate healthy eating into our treatment plan, as well as the other services we can offer you, contact us anytime online or call (844) 999-0874