Meritain Health for Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health Rehabilitation

Founded in 1983, Meritain Health, a subsidiary of Aetna and CVS, is a third-party administrator (TPA). It provides access to the Aetna Choice POS network and its 690,000 providers. Meritain Health has over 1.5 million members across the U.S. Compassion Behavioral Health is pleased to serve Meritain Health’s policyholders with quality, customized addiction, and mental health services.

Meritain Health Plan Options

Meritain’s health insurance plans include self-funded plans, traditional provider network plans, consumer-directed health plans, and value-based benefit designs. The insurer also offers dental and vision coverage as well as Medicare Part D.

With a self-funded plan, your employer will pay for your services as you need them. A traditional plan is just like a PPO plan where you cover some of your premiums every month and can choose from in-network or out-of-network providers. Directed health plans target specific health care needs for groups of people while value-based benefits designs are the most cost-effective option.

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What Types of Care Does Meritain Health Cover?

Due to the Affordable Care Act, Meritain Health must offer coverage for at least some addiction treatment and mental health treatment programs. Your particular insurance plan and location, however, will dictate what’s covered. Oftentimes, Meritain Health plans cover part of or all of these levels of care.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network

Since in-network providers contract with Meritain Health, it makes more sense to choose them. If you opt for an in-network facility for your addiction and/or mental health treatment, you’ll enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs.

On the contrary, if you select an out-of-pocket facility, you can expect to pay more for your services. In some cases, Meritain Health might cover some out-of-network costs but you’ll need pre-authorization and proof that you need to go to that provider.

Fortunately, Meritain Health network coverage operates via Aetna’s large network of over 600,000 providers across the country so you’re bound to find an in-network provider that meets your needs.

Our Safe, Individualized Treatments

Whether you’re coping with addiction, a mental health condition, or both, our tailored treatment programs can make a positive difference in your current life and future. Your treatment may include a combination of several of these effective therapies:

Addiction is often a complication of a mental health condition. Therefore, we design treatments for those who are facing both disorders. Between our Substance Abuse Treatment Program and a Mental Health Treatment Program, we can effectively treat addiction and mental health conditions at once.

Our Levels of Care

We offer four levels to accommodate varying needs. Our expert team may recommend one of the following, depending on your current condition and goals.

Compassion Behavioral Health Proudly Services Meritain Health Policyholders

If you’re ready to start your recovery journey, our dedicated, compassionate team is here for you. We’ll be more than happy to reach out to Meritain Health directly to verify your coverage and explain what you’ll pay for the services you need. Call our admissions department at 844-563-0572 today.