First Health for Substance Abuse Treatment and Mental Health Rehabilitation

First Health Group Corp. a subsidiary of Aetna, offers health coverage for 5.5 million people. Its members enjoy a vast network of doctors and hospitals throughout the U.S.
Today, First Health is known as one of the largest preferred provider organizations or PPO networks in the nation. Compassion Behavioral Health is pleased to provide substance abuse and mental health treatment to First Health’s policyholders.

Does First Health Cover Substance Abuse and Mental Health Care?

Under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, all health plans, including those offered by First Health must pay for at least some coverage for substance abuse and mental health disorders. In many cases, First Health plans offer partial or complete costs for services such as:

First Health Plan Options

Since First Health is a PPO organization, you can visit any in-network provider without a referral from your primary care physician. You’ll receive coverage for substance abuse and/or mental health services at Compassion Behavioral Health because we are a proud in-network provider.

The type of coverage, however, will depend on your unique treatment plan and policy. If your plan only covers some of your treatment, rest assured we’ll work with you to determine the ideal payment solution for your situation. Our goal is to steer you toward the path of recovery, no matter what your finances entail.

Ways to Check Your First Health Coverage

If you’d like to know what your First Health policy covers, call the number on the back of your insurance card. A representative can explain your coverage in an easy-to-understand manner and answer any of your questions. Another option is to log into your online account or reach out to our admissions team at Compassion Behavioral Health.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Coverage

For the most comprehensive and affordable coverage, find an in-network provider like Compassion Behavioral Health that accepts your First Health PPO plan. While you do have the flexibility to seek substance abuse and mental health treatment from an out-of-network provider, doing so will generally cost you a bit more.

When you search for potential providers, understand that you’ll get the most coverage from those that are labeled “primary network” rather than “secondary network” or “non-network negotiation.”

Our Treatments and Levels of Care

At Compassion Behavioral Health, we offer a number of safe and effective therapies to help treat addiction and mental health disorders. If you’re struggling with both, you may reap the benefits of our dual-diagnosis program. Between our Substance Abuse Treatment Program and a Mental Health Treatment Program, we can effectively treat both disorders simultaneously. Several of the many treatments we offer include:

In addition, we have four levels of care including:

Learn More About Compassion Behavioral Health

If you have a PPO plan through First Health, Compassion Behavioral Health is the leading in-network substance abuse and mental health treatment provider. We offer a variety of inpatient and outpatient services from qualified professionals that are committed to your successful recovery. Call our admissions department at (844) 563-0572 today.