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Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

Compassion Behavioral Health offers a wide range of treatment programs to help those who are dealing with substance abuse and mental health problems. Our partial hospitalization program, or PHP, is one of them. This type of outpatient treatment caters to clients who need a higher level of care than standard outpatient treatment can provide, though not as rigorous as an inpatient/residential program.

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Clients who participate in a PHP receive comprehensive treatment services and medical monitoring during the daytime hours. At night, they return to their homes and families. If you believe that this level of care is right for you or a loved one, contact Compassion Behavioral Health today. Our partial hospitalization program provides the groundwork needed for a successful recovery.

How Does Your Partial Hospitalization Program Work?

Compassion Behavioral Health offers numerous levels of care for both mental health and substance use disorders. A PHP is the next level of care following residential treatment and preceding intensive outpatient treatment. If you are partaking in our inpatient program, we will recommend PHP next.

All treatment programs at Compassion Behavioral Health are tailored to your individual needs. A PHP is flexible and accommodating, providing treatment most days of the week, up to 6 hours a day. Once you have completed your sessions for the day, you can return home or to your sober living environment.

Do I Really Need to Participate in a PHP?

People are sometimes surprised to learn that they need more care after an inpatient program. However, we are finding that the more treatment people in recovery receive, the easier time they have maintaining their sobriety.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stay at a residential facility the entire time. You can start transitioning into your everyday life and taking on more responsibility while receiving medical support and therapeutic services.

A partial hospitalization program can also work for people who need immediate treatment for an addiction or mental health problem but have familial commitments. If you cannot commit to inpatient rehab, a PHP is worth considering. This program is very structured, and if you aren’t seeing the improvements that we expect, you may be asked to seek inpatient care until your condition improves.

As long as you are making strides in your recovery and maintaining your sobriety, you can eventually step down from a PHP and into a lower level of care, such an intensive outpatient program or a standard outpatient program. This may sound like a big commitment, but it also means that you will have ongoing support.

Who are the Best Candidates for a PHP?

Even though a PHP has many benefits to offer, we do believe that some people do better in this program than others. When you contact our admissions department, our team can help determine if you or a loved one is the right fit for this level of care.

In general, we recommend a PHP for recovering addictions who:

  • Require close medical supervision. If you have a dual diagnosis, it can take time to get you on the right combination of prescription medications. A PHP ensures you receive medical supervision when you’re most vulnerable.
  • Have stable housing and transportation. You’ll need to travel to and from your therapy sessions on a regular basis. To make it to your sessions on time, it’s important to have a stable home life and transportation. Depending on proximity, Compassion Behavioral Health can assist with transportation.
  • Need more support than outpatient care. Outpatient programs are best for people who need extra support as they transition back home. If you’re new to recovery, it’s best to start with a higher level of care.
  • Have a strong support system at home. Because you’ll be living at home, it’s important to have a strong support network that you can count on. If you don’t, you may have to consider sober housing as an alternative.

What Services are Included in Your PHP?

The PHP program at Compassion Behavioral Health provides access to all of our therapeutic services. The majority of your time will be spent in individual and group therapy as you learn more about your addiction, the motivations that led you to start abusing substances and how to deal with stressful situations.

Aside from individual and group therapy, here are some other services that will be available to you during your time in a PHP:

  • Relapse prevention therapy. Relapse is a process, not a single event. Learn how to recognize the stages of relapse and the best ways to cope with stressful situations.
  • EMDR therapy. This therapy uses various eye movements to process traumatic memories. We recommend this therapy to those with PTSD, as well as those who have painful memories or unresolved trauma.
  • Meditation and yoga. Our program has certified yoga instructors who will help you develop an awareness of your body. We also want you to build confidence using meditation and yoga as coping mechanisms.
  • Medication education. Many clients who partake in a PHP have an underlying mental illness. As part of our PHP, we will find the right combination of medications to treat your symptoms and lower your risk for relapse.
  • Nutrition and life skills. We also believe in the importance of nutrition and life skills. Taking care of your mind, body and spirit protects you from relapse and encourages a healthy lifestyle.
  • And many more….

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