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Rebuilding a Life After Addiction

Meet Kallay, she shares her inspiring journey to recovery in this powerful video. Kallay life was a mess – she was in a bad relationship, struggling with substance use (mostly heroin and cocaine), and several mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and trauma. But everything changed when she came to Compassion Behavioral Health. In this video, Kallay shares her emotional journey of recovery, the support she received from the compassionate team at Compassion Behavioral Health, and how she learned to live a fulfilling life without drugs. Through their evidence-based approach, Kallay was able to learn life skills, overcome her addiction and mental health issues, and turn her life around. Today, Kallay quality of life is vastly different from when she completed treatment five years ago. She has more friends who trust her, has a great job, and is even a graduate student. Watch this inspiring video to learn how Compassion Behavioral Health helped Kallay find hope, healing, and a new lease on life.

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