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How I Overcame Addiction and Rebuilt My Life

In this powerful video, a former addict from Oklahoma shares her story of addiction, trauma, and finally surrendering to recovery. Despite coming from a good family, she was predisposed to addiction due to her biological father’s struggles with substance abuse.

After discovering pain pills at 17, her addiction escalated to the point where she put them above her own child. Even after multiple attempts at treatment, she wasn’t willing to surrender until a wake-up call involving her child pushed her to finally get clean.

Through her journey, she discovered the importance of addressing mental health in addiction treatment, which helped her understand the root of her addiction. Now, she is able to not only be there for herself, but also for her son, who has been her biggest motivation in staying clean and sober.

Her story is a testament to the power of surrender and the importance of seeking help for both addiction and mental health issues. Watch this inspiring video to hear her full story of redemption and hope.

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