TOP RATED SOUTH FLORIDA Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment Center


Our Mission

Redefine the client experience with personalized care and individual treatment plans to sustain long-term physical health and mental well-being. We treat each client with compassionate and comprehensive treatment for addiction and mental health.

Compassion Behavioral Health (CBH) is a top-rated substance abuse and mental health treatment center in South Florida. CBH rehab facility provides various levels of care for individuals requiring treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders. With individualized rehabilitation for men and women, Compassion Behavioral Health therapy programs are sustainable for long-term recovery and sobriety for each and every client.

At Compassion Behavioral Health we understand that drug and alcohol addiction, coupled with possible mental health issues are serious problems within our community and society as a whole. Our clinical team not only believes in the education of addiction as a disease but also in exploring the probability of mental health concerns that may need to be diagnosed. We provide interactive groups on building and developing life skills to increase responsibility and productivity in occupations, relationships, and careers. At Compassion Behavioral Treatment Center in Hollywood, Florida our goal is to deliver a powerful and engaging message of hope to anyone suffering from addiction or mental health issues.

The leadership and management team are committed professionals with years of experience in integrating experiential education and evidence-based practices to produce long-term recovery from substance abuse and sustainable mental health. Client care is our top priority. We understand that small groups and caseloads are essential for providing a uniquely engaging and highly effective program.

Every client at Compassion Behavioral Health is truly treated as an individual and given a treatment program specific to their needs. Our supportive staff will guide you through the process of applying proven therapy methods combined with conventional and holistic treatments.

Drug Rehab Hollywood Florida

Substance Abuse Treatment

There are several phases of treatment for substance abuse. We assist each client in finding the correct recovery program.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab South Florida

Mental Health Treatment

We guide each client in choosing an integrative recovery plan that combines holistic and conventional treatment programs.

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Neuro-Therapy Program

Neurotherapy is a cutting edge method to detect the root cause of addictive behavior and health imbalances using technology backed by science.

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