Our Mission

Our Mission at Compassion Behavioral Health is to provide our patients with the skills to take a new approach to their mental health, and the opportunity to change their story on their own terms.

Our friendly, expert staff provides many treatment options and methodologies to fit our patientsneeds along with several levels of care within a healing environment to accommodate each unique situation. We strive to give each of our patients the compassionate care they deserve and the ability to produce lasting outcomes that serve them long after their treatment has finished.

Welcome to the CBH Family. Stories Changes Here.

Our Why

Weve got a lot of choices in life. Its funny no matter which path we choose, were going to have smooth times and rough times, but no hero gets through their story without a few battles. At Compassion Behavioral Health, we work together to develop the skills you need to turn the page and discover your next great adventure.

We have given thousands of our guests the tools they need to change their story and end up in a place they’ve always wanted to go, but couldnt quite find. Our results-driven philosophy combined with a peaceful, healing environment makes our treatment process a comfortable and effective way to find your way back to positive behaviors with all the great things that come with them.

We’re right here next to you, helping you through the tough moments with comprehensive treatment programs to get you back on the road to a happy, healthy recovery. We’ve got a blank page ready. You’ve got the pen. Let’s write your next chapter together.

Ryan Needle, CEO
Ryan Needle, CEO