Trauma Therapy

Many individuals seeking treatment suffer effects of one or more traumatic life events. The therapeutic environment at a trauma-aware treatment center may be especially healing to individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and others whose trauma recovery may be complicated by other factors, such as:

  • addictive disorders such as alcoholism or drug abuse
  • a dual diagnosis, or unaddressed or under-addressed co-occurring disorders, which make it challenging to engage in treatment for trauma

Regardless of an individual’s history of trauma, addiction or other mental health challenges, progress begins with awareness of the individual’s trauma and recognition of the way he/she responds.

Achieving this awareness in a therapeutic living environment allows some individuals to feel safe verbalizing their trauma experiences for the first time. Learning to accept emotional support from others in the recovering community can lead to significant breakthroughs and provide a strong foundation for additional long-term trauma and PTSD treatment and recovery work that may extend for months or years after treatment.

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