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How To Get Over Addiction Without Scottsdale Alcohol Rehab

Do you know that you can get over your alcohol addiction without any Scottsdale alcohol rehab? It takes your determination. Remember, most problems with addiction begin and end in the mind. Even if you can’t pull it through on your own, once you determine to get over the addiction, any Scottsdale alcohol rehab center that treats you will be successful. Here are a few tips to help you out

The journey to recovery begins with you

As mentioned earlier no Scottsdale alcohol rehab center can help you out without your full cooperation. So, the very first step is to admit that you are suffering from addiction. This is the biggest problem with people suffering from addiction.

They usually don’t easily accept that addiction has set in. Like the saying goes, a problem identified is a problem half solved. You can’t look for solution to addiction if you don’t believe you are addicted. And level of addiction does not remain the same. It will either get better with effort or get worse. So, the longer you hide from the fact that you have an addiction the worse things will get.

Find the root cause of your addiction

The most logical step after admitting that you have an addiction is to find the cause. Was it due to your search for temporary relief from emotional pain? Was it a mere habit that became an addiction? Once you find out the cause, you will tackle the cause first before working on your recovery.

The solution depends on the root cause. If the issue is emotional pain then you have to understand alcohol only gives temporary relieve. The worst kind of alcohol addiction is when your body cannot do without it. You may need a psychologist for that. However, it is your will that will enhance the treatment.

Get an alternative

If alcohol gives you certain pleasure, then you should get an alternative way to get the same pleasure without taking excessive alcohol. You could involve your personal physician on this. He should be able to give you some alternatives. However, do not take drugs. You can’t treat alcohol addiction with drug. Drugs do not permanently eliminate craving for alcohol. You will only end up shifting from alcohol addiction to drug addiction.

Come up with a reduction plan

You can’t stop taking alcohol suddenly. It will most likely backfire especially if your body is used to it. Instead, you can only gradually reduce your daily intake. For instance, if you take at least 8 bottles a day, you might have to cut it down to 6 until your body has come to terms with the reduction. Then, you can reduce it to about 4. It goes on like that. This may take weeks or even months.

No time for idleness

Get yourself engaged. Get busy. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Idleness usually leads to craving for alcohol. So you should always get yourself busy.

In conclusion, you should stick to your plans no matter what. Coming up with a certain plan is not half as difficult has sticking to the plan. It takes double determination to consistently follow your plan. You will definitely come across several temptations.


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