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Luxurious amenities are not necessary for successful rehabilitation. The quality of the program is a result of the trained staff’s work and the outlined treatment program. Additional facilities like golf courses, spas, tennis courts, and pools offer helpful distractions to patients. 

Insurance companies tend to shy away from paying for services that do not have an empirical medical validation. They will contest the charges and leave the patient with out-of-pocket expenses. Recovery Inn offers several life-enriching activities to help recovering patients create a healthy mindset. The provided interventions include the following:

  • Nutritional therapy from a professional dietician
  • Neurofeedback by neuro therapy
  • Home safety evaluations

Overlooking your comfort is a big mistake. You may feel as though rehab should be a hard punishment with the bare minimum. The reality is different because overcoming addiction means tackling a long road of mental and emotional issues. Do not fall for the promise of a rehab facility that looks like a jail with the assurance that it will help your mind stay focused by eliminating all formalities of life. 

The benefit of recovering at our OSI Appleton WI


The available amenities at a modern facility do more than keep your schedule full. It is a holistic approach towards battling the affected areas of addiction and ensuring you return to a healthy life without fear. 

You can have a rich experience of arts, music, and professional staff with a perfect balance of well-tailored treatments. Our facility will acquaint you with a healthy life instead of isolating you and creating a hard time of integration after leaving the facility.

Where can you get five-star rehabilitation?

The predominant question is whether one can get excellent treatment from a public treatment facility. This case is not possible because general rehab centers do not have individualized systems of care. Use the following aspects to judge the possibility of receiving luxury treatment at your facility of choice.


Private facilities set up fee packages that cover all the requirements of the patient. The difference with public facilities is that a private program will make every penny worth its cost. Choosing a public plan will cost your long-term health because you will not receive personalized care.


Public programs are high in demand. A patient may have to wait before they can receive treatment. This situation leaves you vulnerable to the addiction’s damage and poses potential long-term damage to your brain cells. 

Our facility has a 12-bed accommodation that takes in orders as soon as they arrive. You will not wait in a queue because the program usually interests people who understand the quality of our five-star service.


An excellent facility has a geographical location and architectural design that offers ultimate privacy and comfort. Our facility is within OSI in Appleton WI and has a plan that outranks many competitive facilities.

Additionally, our location within the campus gives us the benefit of receiving the necessary medical and therapeutic support from the team. Recovery Inn is easily accessible by public means; hence, one should not hesitate to visit for a tour around the various services.



Osi Appleton Wi

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Osi Appleton Wi

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