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Costa Rica Dental Implants

Regardless of improvements in dental care, millions of Americans suffer the agony of tooth loss, which sometimes is a result of periodontal disease, tooth decay, or injury. For several years, the only available treatment options for individuals with missing teeth were dentures and bridges. But, presently, a better option known as dental implants are available.

Whether one or all of your teeth get missing, this available option will help restore your beautiful smile with confidence again. A large number of people out there have beautiful smiles that have been enhanced by this implant, which is essentially a tooth replacement method.

As dental vacation keeps gaining popularity with dental cost on the rise in the U.S. and on the low in Costa Rica coupled with high-quality services, Costa Rica dental implants prices eventually made the region a preferred destination for Americans and other dental vacationers across the world.  

The procedure

Dental implants are usually carried out in stages over a few months, alongside a series of tests and minor operations. Implants are comprised of some extra unique biomaterials that are surgically fitted into the jawbone under the gum-line. After a while, the implant becomes safely moored to the surrounding bone. A natural-looking replacement tooth but artificial – known as an implant crown – is then permanently mounted on the implant as a replacement to serve and function like a real tooth. A proper breakdown of the procedure is highlighted below

  • Scans and X-rays would be taken to have an appropriate picture of the proper placement site for the implant
  • A minor operation will be done to fix the dental implant into your jawbone. Anaesthetic would be provided at the time of surgery to avoid feeling pains.
  • We will wait for a few months to allow the dental implant to become firmly rooted between the bone
  • Once the implant becomes stable, a foundation will be made for the new tooth
  • Immediately at then, mold would be made to make your artificial teeth or tooth
  • Finally, the artificial teeth are screwed into the prepared foundation.

And concerning the result – you’d get a restoration that looks exceptionally natural. No one except you will know it’s artificial.

Dental implants stabilize dentures and bridges and also used to replace just a tooth or to reconstruct an entire jaw of missing teeth. The exciting part is the natural look feeling derived from these implants.

Our Costa Rica dental implants are very reliable. Countless patients have retained them for over twenty years, with a success rate above 90%. Also, our dental implants have assisted thousands of people to smile, eat, and speak well with renewed self-confidence. Patients who adhere to appropriate oral home care and frequent dental checkups can enjoy implants that last for a very long time.

Every member of our crew at Dr. Soto Bernal is tested, trusted, and passionate about their profession. Also, every specialist and clinician is trained to the highest standard, which enables them to perform the very latest in orthodontic treatments and provide services on an international level.

We, here at Dr. Soto Bernal, can help you decide if a dental implant is best for you. Investment in your smile is well worthwhile.

Everything You Should Know About Costa Rica Dental Implants

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