Affordable Insurance for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

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Ambetter Health Insurance for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Compassion Behavioral Health (CBH) is a provider for accessible, affordable, and quality treatment services in South Florida. We understand that many can not afford rehab, or their employer insurance plan may not cover behavioral health treatment services. As such, Compassion Behavioral Health is proudly an in-network provider with Ambetter Health providing local Floridians the opportunity to get help for mental health and substance abuse disorders.  
Ambetter Health insurance is flexible and provides options for individuals to purchase coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.  The Health Management program with Ambetter offers behavioral health services, including depression management programs. 
With the rising number of addictions and individuals requiring mental health treatment within our community, Compassion Behavioral Health understands the need to offer more support. We believe that anyone who wants freedom from addiction and mental health disorders should receive every opportunity to get help!
A subsidiary of the Centene Corporation, Ambetter Health is available through the Health Insurance Marketplace intending to provide affordable, quality care that is accessible for most Americans. Ambetter partners with various insurance companies to provide coverage for the following conditions:
  • Emergency services
  • Hospitalization
  • Mental health services
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Outpatient or ambulatory needs
  • Various therapy services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Laboratory services
  • Preventive and wellness services
Ambetter actively participates within communities it serves, making sure that people know about medical benefits available. This insurance company offers a range of educational tools as well, including programs, and a 24-hour nurse line for members to access reliable, accurate information regarding their health.
Drug addiction and mental health illness is an epidemic in our country, and the State of Florida is no exception, and with higher rates of substance abuse than the rest of the U.S.A. According to the most recent Behavioral Health Barometer issued by SAMSHA, Serious Mental Health Illness (SMI) has increased by 4.5% among adults. The number of young adults ages 18-25 suffering from Serious Mental Illness has risen by 7.5% since 2017. 

Adult Mental Health and Service Use

Among adults aged 18 or older in the U.S. in 2017, 4.5% (or 11.2 million) had serious mental illness (SMI) in the past year. 
Past-year serious mental illness was higher among adult women than among adult men.
Compared to the national average, past-year serious mental illness was higher among non-Hispanic white adults and among adults aged 18-44 and was lower among non-Hispanic black and Asian adults, among Hispanic adults, and among adults aged 45 or older.
Source: Behavioral Health Barometer: United States, Volume 5

Young Adult Mental Health

Among young adults aged 18-25 in the U.S. in 2017, 7.5% (or 2.5 million) had a serious mental illness (SMI) in the past year. 
Past-year serious mental illness was higher among young adult women than among young adult men. 
Compared to the national average, past-year serious mental illness was higher among non-Hispanic white young adults and was lower among non-Hispanic black young adults and Hispanic young adults.
Source: Behavioral Health Barometer: United States, Volume 5

As a mental health treatment center, Compassion Behavioral Health strives to provide all with needed help for severe mental illness conditions. Partnering with Ambetter, we can better achieve our vision to reach and help many more individuals. Those who purchase insurance from the Health Insurance Marketplace have the option to acquire Ambetter for additional coverage of mental and substance abuse disorders.
The treatment programs at Compassion Behavioral Health focus on individualized and comprehensive care. Our clinical team maintains small case-loads and group sizes to offer a higher quality of care.  The success rate at Compassion Behavioral Health is higher than average because we can spend extended time with each client.
Our quality, comprehensive, and personalized programs follow two tracks of care on three levels for treatment, including:
1) Substance Abuse (SA) Track
2) Mental Health (MH) Track
Substance abuse and mental health illness go hand in hand, but usually, one disorder needs more specific attention over the other, and this is a crucial advantage for your rehab at CBH.
The three levels of treatment for clients at CBH rehab include:
1) Partial hospitalization (PHP) care that can be provided day and night, with or without community housing. PHP is highly recommended for an individual with a severe addiction who has not received previous treatment.
2) Intensive outpatient (IOP) for clients to participate in individual and group counseling at our facility most days of the week. Our weekly meetings provide structure and support for newly recovering addicts.
3) General outpatient (OP) is the lowest level of care and ideal for those requiring more transitional support to everyday life. Individual and group counseling sessions are mandatory every week.
If you have a mental health disorder and use drugs and alcohol to cope, the team at CBH will likely recommend our Mental Health Track. If you feel that your substance abuse led you to depression or anxiety, the Substance Abuse Track Compassion Behavioral Health program is the track for rehab. Our specialized programs of care give adequate focus and attention to the issues that contribute to your addiction.
With Ambetter Health, Compassion Behavioral Health can provide quality treatment to more individuals. Besides, we also accept most other insurance plans and offer reasonable cash pay options as well.
Do keep in mind that each insurance plan is unique. Your policy may cover some or all of treatment. To find out precisely what your insurance plan includes, contact us and speak to one of our helpful admissions specialists at CBH rehab. Our staff is happy to review your policy, help you verify insurance, and let you know about the benefits you can receive. Alternatively, you can contact Ambetter Health directly for information about detox, inpatient, and outpatient treatment. 
Do you have Ambetter Health Insurance?
Call Compassion Behavioral Health at 1-844-660-0084 to verify insurance and learn about your options.

Quality, affordable addiction treatment, and mental health wellness are within reach for you, or for a loved one.

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