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The Riverbank House is a highly practical option for people looking for alcohol rehab in CT. We offer premiere treatment plans with the approval of the scientific community, and holistic programs to motivate you. Your progress will be our responsibility, and we’ll always push you forward to overcome addiction.

How much drinking makes you an alcoholic?

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, men who have less than four drinks a day present low risks of alcoholism. Anything beyond that limit bears higher risks of devolving into alcoholism. At more than 14 drinks per week, a man is already heading toward addiction. Our clinic in New Hampshire treats both low and high-tier alcohol addiction cases.

Bear in mind that we only treat men here, and our holistic programs only target the male audience. We focus on treating the largest category of alcoholics, which are men, and we do everything in our power to rehabilitate them. After detox and medication-based treatments, we promote outdoor activities, exercises, and ever career-oriented activities. Our goal is to fully reintegrate alcoholics into society.

The risks of alcohol dependence

A person suffering from alcohol use disorder will eventually shift from drinking for pleasure to drinking because of the uncontrollable cravings. You might no longer feel the pleasure associated with drinking anymore, but the result hasn’t changed. You still drink in excess, only that now you’re doing it for fear of the withdrawal symptoms.

Our alcohol rehab in CT is the only solution you have at a healthy life. Unlike other addiction centers, we focus on treating you both physically and mentally. Through medication and holistic programs, we inhibit the addiction and control your cravings. Psychologically, your mind requires special attention because your brain still functions on the old pathways, where alcohol prevents displeasure.

Efficient treatment program

At our clinic, you will undergo one of the best anti-addiction treatments in the country. We use the experience and knowledge of our experts to devise personalized treatments that target a patient’s particular needs. This makes it possible to treat addiction in all of its forms, regardless of an addict’s medical condition.

To put things into perspective, other addiction centers often use one-size-fits-all treatments that are often incompatible with some patients. Moreover, they also focus on treating a patient’s addiction through detox and medication, but they ignore the psychological part. This increases the risks of future relapsing, unfortunately.

How much does alcohol shorten your life?

The scientific community has corroborated evidence from over 600.000 alcoholics which stated that 10-15 drinks per week could take away 1-2 years of your lifespan. When you’re raising the bar to 18 drinks per week, this might take away 4-5 years of your life. These are only approximations which you should take with a grain of salt though.

However, for the sake of safety, or alcohol rehab in CT provides immediate support for alcoholics, regardless of their alcohol consumption. At The Riverbank House, our main goal is to treat your alcohol addiction efficiently and comfortably.

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