Director of Client Care

James Fata has worked in the health care sector, particularly substance use disorder and mental health treatment most of his professional career. Originally from Texas, James is a person in long term recovery and has been a Florida resident for six years. James was the South Palm Beach County Coordinator for Young People in Recovery. During his time with them he advocated for better addiction policy and tracked outcomes from workshops he implemented in the community to help people in or seeking recovery obtain employment, education, and safe housing. James also worked for the Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition on multiple projects directed to help at risk youth through speaking engagements and participation in community initiatives. His involvement in a promotional video project for the Coalition debuted at the 2017 FADAA conference and received the SAMHSA bronze award for Excellence in Community Communications and Outreach. James has held many positions while working in the treatment industry including case manager and admission counselor. James is an avid surfer and is currently enrolled at Florida Atlantic University where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.