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12 Step Rehab

The Concept Of The 12-Step Rehab Program

Addiction is one of the challenges that confront millions of people worldwide. While some win their battle over drug and alcohol addiction, others die in the struggle. There have been several programs and suggestions on how addicts can win the battle over addiction. Of all these programs, the 12-step rehab is about the most popular and one of the most effective. According to a survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 74 percent of treatment centers employ the 12-step approach in the battling of addiction.

The 12-step rehab program was created in 1935 by the Alcohol Anonymous group. The initial aim was to use it to combat alcoholism but after realizing how successful the program was, it was quickly adopted by other support groups for other types of addictions. The 12-step rehab program groups typically give support to recovering addicts to help them through the process. These groups include people who are going through or who have gone through similar experiences.

The basic idea behind the program is that people can help one another recover from addiction and that healing comes after a surrendering to a higher power. Although some people find it difficult to accept the existence of a higher power (hence alternative program were created for such people), the effectiveness of the program cannot be overemphasized.

Below are 12 ideas that explain the 12-steps propounded by the Alcohol Anonymous;

    Admitting that you have become powerless over alcohol and that your life have become unmanageable Believing that there is a greater Power than yourself that is able to save you Making a decision to surrender your life and will to God-as you understand Him to be Search through your life and take a moral inventory Accepting and confessing the wrongs that you have done A complete willingness to allow God to take away these flaws in your life Take a bold step to ask Him (God) to take these flaws away Develop a list of all the people you have harmed or offended and decide to make necessary amends Take the bold steps to make these amends, except in cases where making any such amends may injure these people or others Continue to take stock of your life, and anytime you realize you have offended make effort to amend Through prayer and meditation seek to develop a more intimate contact and relationship with God (as you understand Him), asking Him for guidance so as to always walk in His will. Having been saved, it is time to carry the message out and save others. As well as to always practice these principles in other areas of your life.

Although God is mentioned severally in these steps, the 12-step program is not a part of any church and no one needs to join a church in order to adopt it. There are several non-religious groups that practice the program with great success.

For other support groups aside alcohol addiction groups, the 12-steps are simply adapted to match their specific issue, which is simply by replacing alcohol with crystal meth, marijuana or cocaine.

In order to decide if the 12-step rehab program is what you need, you must do some self-searching and ask yourself some very important questions.

    Are you trying to find a way out of addiction? Do you think you will need the help of other people to fight the addiction? Do you find yourself relapsing always? Do you find yourself still using drugs and alcohol despite being aware of the damage it is doing to your health and life?

If the answer to these questions is a Yes, then a 12-step rehab program may just be the right thing for you.


12 Step Rehab